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Historic 1895 Kaullen Mercantile Company Building
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Kaullen Mercantile Company

Kaullen Mercantile Company - Drawing by Mary Ann Hall

This grand late 19th century structure is a strong version of German Vernacular style with its L-shape size, dormer roof, close location to the sidewalk, and recessed entrance. Bricks for the building were fired in Jefferson City. It is the largest residential commercial building in the Central East Side.

Under the ownership of Peter Kaullen the building became a prominent grocery and dry goods store which sold the most up-to-date lines of food staples and fancy products, domestic and imported teas, and coffees. The family lived on the property until 1942 when the building was sold on the courthouse steps to Paul Griffin. For the next 35 years the building was a marine store with upper floors rented as residential. Griffin retired in 1978 and the building was sold several times, left vacant and went through a period of decline and potential demolition.

When Juanita and Sam Donehue bought the 10,000 square foot building in 1998 they discovered that most of the architectural details had stayed intact. The scrolled iron balcony on the upper West side called attention to the building's ornate German influence. The two-story gallery porch on the rear of the building with a wainscot-like close railing was restored. Two iron-fluted columns brace the second floor. The upper floors have three apartments two of which have lofts and the original pocket doors. A fourth apartment is in the lower level. W.F. Norman Manufacturing Company from Nevada, MO produced the original tin ceiling and provided the replacement tiles for the renovation on the first floor. The original unique cross-sawed red oak floors were refinished to enhance the dining room. The two large storefront windows and deeply recessed entrances remain a prominent feature of this beautifully restored piece of Jefferson City's heritage.